Veronika Liptakova

Skybound Supervisor

Veronika is a master’s graduate in Applied Behaviour Analysis, currently training to become a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Skybound Supervisor



“I strive to enrich the lives of my clients throughout ABA, and always bring fun and joy even on the gloomiest of days.”


I have been working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) since 2021 when I started my MSc in this discipline. I have always been interested in behaviour but at the beginning of my academic journey I had never intended to enter the field of ABA, as I was completely unaware of its existence. Initially, my fascinations were centred around the brain itself, and exactly how It keeps us ticking. However, one interesting subject led to the next and during my undergraduate degree in Psychology with Neuropsychology I was introduced to ABA by a passionate lecturer who ignited my own interest and pursuit of this discipline. Very quickly, I realised the potential of the field I had entered, and how this science enables people of a variety of ages, conditions, and backgrounds to make empowering changes to their lives and increase their quality of life. How could I say no to becoming a part of that?

Alongside my master’s I took up an internship and had the opportunity to work with children (aged between 4 and 7) in both public and SEN schools. Here, I had the pleasure of being part of several programmes, including picture exchange communication (PECs), functional analysis of challenging behaviour, and school-wide positive behaviour support (PBS). Striving to find novel applications for ABA, I proposed the topic of a self-management program for the rehabilitation from Broca’s aphasia for my master’s thesis.

In 2022 I joined the Skybound community and continue my training to become a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst. Here, I endeavour to continue my journey of professional and personal development, in order to offer the best possible services to my clients and be by their side as they reach their highest potential. Outside of work I like up cosy up to a good book or a crochet project. I also often like to play board games and travel.

MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Dissertation: Applying a self-management shaping program to increase the number of target vocalisations in patients with aphasia.

2022 Bangor University
BSc Psychology with Neuropsychology
2021 Bangor University