We provide detailed assessment and reports to identify the individuals sensory and motor needs
We provide detailed assessment and reports to identify the individuals sensory and motor needs

Our Occupational Therapy package provides support for children and young people who are having difficulties functioning and participating in daily life.

Sensory Difficulties
We provide sensory assessments and interventions to help individuals
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Activities of Daily Living
From self help skills to handwriting, we can provide support with these everyday essentials
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Motor Skills
Observations and detailed assessments inform the development of structured programmes to improve or develop motor skills
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Why choose our Occupational Therapy Service?

Our Occupational Therapist can provide assessment and therapy sessions in our centre, in schools, the community or the individual’s home.

Fine And Gross Motor Skills
Sensory Processing
Self Help Skills
Brain Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Standardised Assessments
Structured Programme
Environmental Adaptations
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Who Is Involved?

Occupational Therapist
Our Occupational Therapist has a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy as well as post qualification training and experience, including Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) Level 1 & 2. An experienced practitioner across a wide range of settings, our Occupational Therapist is sensitive to the context she works in.
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