Bethany James

Skybound RBT

Bethany currently works with one client helping them with their educational programme and daily living skills.

Based in Norwich, covers East Anglia
Skybound RBT



“I am passionate about supporting clients in living their best lives and caring for them with empathy and compassion. I believe every client is capable of achieving their goals and being a part of that process is inspiring.”


I live in Norfolk with my wonderful husband and cheeky but beautiful daughter. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym or completing dance workouts. I also have an amateur passion for true crime, so I can often be found binge-watching a documentary on Netflix, listening to a podcast or going to live talks. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family whenever and wherever I can. Since the COVID-19 pandemic I have realised how valuable time with your friends and family truly is.

My background is predominantly within the health and social care industry, dating back to my first job as a Healthcare Assistant after I left college. My desire to help others was inspired by assisting my mum in the care of my brother who is diagnosed with Autism and seeing my brother overcome many challenges with the support of healthcare professionals. Witnessing the quality of my brother’s life drastically improve made me feel like I wanted to give the same back to others in a similar position. Therefore, when I saw the advert for the role of a Behaviour Technician working with a client with ASD I didn’t hesitate to apply!

I am currently studying a part time degree with The Open University in Criminology and Psychology. I chose this degree due to my interest in human behaviour, little did I know it would somewhat link to my current role within the world of behavioural science. I started as a Behaviour Technician with Skybound in March 2022 and proudly became registered in October 2023.

Skybound Therapies has opened my eyes to a world I previously didn’t know existed and I will never look back. I am privileged to see the powerful effects ABA can have on my client’s life and I have found myself applying what I have learnt to my own role as a mother. I very much look forward to my future with Skybound and building on my career within this field, but most importantly empowering the life of my client and any others I have the privilege of working with.

Registered Behaviour Technician