Megan Moss

Skybound RBT

Megan currently works with one client helping them with their educational programme and daily living skills.

Skybound RBT



“My passion, after being exposed to the world of ABA, truly has grown. I take pride in making each passing day a rewarding one, no matter how big or small the achievements are. I believe that one step at a time leads to satisfying results.”


Hi, I’m Megan, aka Mossy (there are way too many Megan’s at Skybound!). I live by the Norfolk Broads with my partner and our gorgeous rescue dog, Stella. I absolutely love to travel, go to festivals, and read books! I am profoundly deaf with bilateral cochlear implants (fancy term right?). They’re pretty trendy I must say, and on top of that, they allow me to hear and contribute to helping others, just like others helped me.

After school, I stumbled across a university course, a (BA) in ‘Childhood Studies’ which explored the psychosocial and psychoanalytic approach. This included a module on ‘Autism, ADHD and Developmental Trauma’. Two of my brothers are autistic and they have done nothing but inspire me. Therefore, I took this route and graduated in July 2021. I very briefly studied ABA, not knowing the true impact it would have on my life a few years later!

Becoming a part of Skybound has fuelled my drive to pursue a career in delivering Applied Behaviour Analysis. I have since become an RBT and now deliver therapeutic interventions to a client, driven by a genuine desire to enable them to live life to the absolute fullest. I truly wish our family were aware of the benefits of ABA to apply them whilst we were growing up.

I highly value every ‘Skybounder’, their work ethic, dedication, and compassion. In the future, I can see myself travelling anywhere with Skybound and applying ABA to ensure personal goals of every individual are met. I truly feel I can develop meaningful relationships whilst maintaining professional boundaries.

Registered Behaviour Technician
BA Childhood Studies (Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies)
2021 University of Essex