TalkTools UK

TalkTools UK

As part of our comprehensive therapy approach, Skybound Therapies incorporates TalkTools techniques, an innovative therapy originating from the USA, into our programmes. TalkTools, used effectively by our team in the UK, plays a crucial role in enhancing speech and communication outcomes for our clients.

Our Journey with TalkTools

Our mission is to empower individuals across the UK to overcome speech and communication challenges through innovative approaches.

Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gap in evidence-based therapies, inspired by our founder Risca Solomon’s personal experience.

Watch the video about our story and learn more.

Our Interdisciplinary Approach

Our interdisciplinary approach combining behaviour analysis and the TalkTools speech and language technique has helped many families over the years, including our own. Dan (who has verbal dyspraxia and autism) was 12 when we started using the speech techniques with him.

We had been told by speech therapists that if a child doesn’t talk by 6, they’re not going to learn to speak. Using TalkTools, we were able to teach him to shape his mouth into a range of different sounds. He can now say 120 words. He’s never going to be conversational, but he can use words to request all his basic needs – a tremendous achievement.

Communication & Behaviours That Challenge

Time and again we see the holistic impact for the individual of being able to communicate their wants and needs effectively. For Dan, his increasing ability to communicate corresponded with a significant decrease in his challenging behaviours.

Research suggests that developing speech is a positive predictor for many other outcomes. A few sounds can open up a world of communication possibilities.

Oral Placement Therapy can help individuals with

Developmental Disabilities
Sensory-Motor Issues
Feeding Challenges
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
Apraxia of Speech
Speech Sound Disorders

Our Research

Dan’s story is just one among many. We’ve seen numerous children who, with this combination of behaviour analysis and TalkTools, have developed speech even when everybody said they wouldn’t be able to. We witness these remarkable transformations daily and receive heart-warming feedback from the families we assist.

Now we get to be at the heart of building the evidence-base. Contributing to the growing body of knowledge for these techniques is so important to us. Being able to spread the word about the potential of behaviour analysis and TalkTools really is the cherry on top. The more people we can help or inform, the better.

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Bringing Innovative Therapy to the UK

Risca recognized the potential of TalkTools in transforming the lives of individuals with speech and communication difficulties in the UK. Through her dedication and advocacy, TalkTools became an integral part of Skybound Therapies, offering transformative solutions to clients across the UK.

Risca is a member of the TalkTools Speakers Bureau and is an instructor on several TalkTools courses

Non-Vocal to Verbal
A complete programme beginning with developing cooperation and ending with functional vocabulary.
Other TalkTools Courses
A collection of courses presented by Risca on the use of TalkTools and its effectiveness.
Using TalkTools
In this YouTube video, Dr. Mary Barbera discusses using talk tools to support picky eating and speech with Risca Solomon.

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