Challenging Behaviour: Alternatives to Residential

Challenging Behaviour: Alternatives to Residential
Severe Challenging Behaviour, Autism & Learning Disability.

When all avenues have been exhausted, residential provision can look like the inevitable next step. But are there alternatives? I strongly believe there are!

One of several options, that I feel have yet to be fully explored in the UK, is an Education Otherwise Than At School (EOTAS) programme.

Advantages of EOTAS? Community, Collaboration and Re-integration.

First-hand experience has shown that EOTAS programmes can provide the access to learning within their own community that is vital for vulnerable children and young people. EOTAS programmes involve a strong element of collaboration with local agencies to reintegrate the child into local provision as soon as possible. With continuing support available for the local provision and the family.

I have seen significant success, especially when it comes to reducing behaviours that challenge and increasing functional skills. Done well, EOTAS empowers families and enables the individual to live their best life

What does it entail?

Each programme is an individualised package involving Behaviour Therapists, Consultant Behaviour Analysts, and other specialists as required, such as Speech and Language Therapists.  These packages involve highly trained staff working each day with the child within their own home and their local community.

A good EOTAS programme will include parent training and support. This ensures generalisation to the family of the new skills and the reduction in behaviours that challenge to the family. We also work with health professionals to increase access to health care, where needed. It is important to fully explore underlying health issues which may be contributing to the behaviours that challenge.

Skybound Therapies and EOTAS

Skybound have more than ten years’ experience in delivering EOTAS programmes in collaboration with several Local Authorities.  We provide the full staff team to deliver bespoke programmes for the most complex children and young adults.

The package is tailored to be the most effective for the child and family, whilst also presenting a cost-effective model for the Local Authority. We also offer peace of mind in that we are registered with Care Inspectorate for Wales to deliver these programmes.

If you’d like to discuss a programme with me, please complete our Skybound Therapies Enquiry Form

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