Empowering Families – The Benefits of Skybound’s Fully Managed ABA and PBS packages

Empowering Families – The Benefits of Skybound’s Fully Managed ABA and PBS packages

Here at Skybound we offer Fully Managed packages which provide all of the staff needed to run an ABA and/or PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) programme at home or school. This involves the delivery of multiple services to the client including Consultancy, Supervision and Behaviour Technicians and sometimes this includes SLT and OT services too. We are seeing a consistent increase in demand for this model and for good reason, here are some of the top reasons why families opt for a Fully Managed package.

Consistency is key!

Consistency is an essential ingredient in any therapy. Consistent application of any intervention is needed for anyone wanting to make changes, improve behaviour, learn new skills or to grow and develop. Consistent application ensures that important skills are practised in the same way over and over again so that those skills become habit, fluent and fully embedded into the person’s life.

Going Fully Managed leads to a greater ability to achieve consistency, this is because the consultants, supervisor and therapists are all employed by the same organisation and trained in the same approaches. The whole team are trained and supported in the same way and therefore can work together as a cohesive team. By increasing consistency, this in turn increases the likelihood of success of the therapy or intervention.


On a Fully Managed team, Skybound take care of all aspects of recruiting. This includes posting job adverts, conducting interviews, verifying references, performing DBS checks and the onboarding process. This takes away the stress typically associated with hiring new staff members. Families can rely upon our expertise, knowing that the entire recruitment process is well managed.

With significant recruitment difficulties being experienced by families, we are often able to overcome these issues due to being able to offer an attractive career path where recruits can go on to develop industry qualifications and receive significant benefits packages.

Working directly with local authorities

Our company can establish direct communication with local authorities, significantly reducing the administrative burden for the family. Our dedicated team take on the responsibility of managing the invoices, payments and funding directly with the local authority itself. Handling finances and paperwork can often be complex, overwhelming and time-consuming. However, with Skybound acting as a central point of contact, the process becomes streamlined and efficient.

Line management and staff support

A significant advantage of opting for a Fully Managed package is the provision of line management for staff. When the programme is Fully Managed by us, the staff receive regular line management support such as debriefs, training, personal guidance and ensuring their overall wellbeing and personal needs are met.

By ensuring that staff receive effective supervision, training and support it allows the technicians to devote their full energy and attention to supporting the family and the client while at work, knowing that their other needs are taken care of outside of this. Additionally, consistent up-to-date training ensures that staff members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities. This training may include specific techniques, interventions or approaches relevant to the individual.


On Fully Managed programmes, staff are responsible for following Skybound policy in carrying out risk assessments of the places they visit and activities they do with the client; this gives peace of mind for the family that each visit has been well thought out and safety measures have been put in place.


Our staff are insured and required to follow ethical codes of conduct, alongside clear job descriptions. They are monitored and supported regularly on meeting their job descriptions and upholding ethical practice. This means that for the client and family the utmost ethical and professional conduct is ensured, supported, monitored and addressed. Skybound job descriptions are created using five point Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS). Staff members are consistently monitored and evaluated based on these scales.

Quality assurance and family support

Part and parcel of a Fully Managed package are regular check-ins to ensure the family voice is heard and actions can be fed into the therapy plan and the team. Families are supported to be part of the therapy, implement interventions and work together with the team.

The wellbeing of the individual and their family are at the heart of our practice. Opting for our Fully Managed programme allows us to achieve this to the highest degree by taking care of staff, dealing with local authorities, handing recruitment and ensuring consistency in approaches while also ensuring a safe and professional service. This leaves therapy time to be efficient, the staff can focus on their work with the client and the family can focus on how to support their child and family without extra burdens, knowing everything else is taken care of.

Ultimately, our Fully Managed package empowers families to focus on what truly matters – their loved one’s wellbeing and development. We aim to create a seamless experience where families can trust in our comprehensive support, enabling them to navigate their journey with peace of mind and confidence.

You can find out more about our Fully Managed package here or complete an enquiry form here.

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