Our first CIW inspection – Skybound ABA services get a glowing report

Our first CIW inspection – Skybound ABA services get a glowing report

Our CIW report and the benefits of being CIW registered 

 We recently had our first inspection by Care Inspectorate Wales. It was a very thorough inspection and we are so incredibly pleased with the results. The CIW reviewed our ABA full service programmes in Wales where we provide care and support for children and families in their own homes. This is a huge step towards our goal of increasing the acceptance of the science of human behaviour (ABA) within statutory services.   

We truly believe in the power of ABA and what it can help our clients achieve. There are lots of myths and concerns about ABA, so we are happy to be open and share how we apply the science. We are really pleased that the inspector also saw the amazing ways we apply the science of human behaviour with the families we work with.  

We’ve included a link to the full report at the end of this article, but here are a couple of our favourite quotes from the report –  

‘People receive appropriate, kind, and tailored support from well-trained care staff who know their needs. A personalised approach is taken by the service, with people’s preferences acknowledged and understood’. 

‘People we spoke with commented positively about the quality of care provided by care staff whom people know well and who they have developed good relationships with. People’s physical health, development and overall well-being is promoted. A parent told us “We see the progress our daughter is making”’. 

 So, who are Care Inspectorate Wales? 

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) are responsible for independently regulating both social care and childcare provision. They register, inspect and take action to improve the quality and safety of services for the well-being of the people of Wales. 

Why did we register with them? 

Put simply, we want to be held to account! To ensure our service meets, and exceeds, requirements.   

The benefits for you… 

Quality Assurance 

The quality of service we provide to our clients is our top priority. We recognise the importance of providing evidence-based services which are individualised and multi-disciplined.  

Being registered with CIW allows Skybound Therapies to be held to a higher standard of quality of care and service provision.  CIW set standards to follow and post inspection, they provide feedback which can help us continue our development.  

This fits nicely with our ethos of continuous professional development. Keeping up to date with current literature or developments in the field of ABA and adhering to ethical guidelines within all aspects of their work. 


Being independently held accountable to the CIW’s expectations, motivates us to be the best we can be. CIW will inspect the quality and safety of the services Skybound Therapies provide, ensuring our service meets the legislative and regulatory requirements and if necessary, provide actions to help us improve the services we offer to our clients in Wales.   

Being a regulated service provider means that Skybound Therapies has a statement of purpose available which details what service we provide, who we provide it to and where we provide the service. It means that we have developed all the relevant policies and have procedures in place to support our staff to follow the legislation and regulations. 

CIW also makes inspection reports available online for families and organisations to access at any time. 


CIW registration gives both families and Local Authorities the confidence that we are regulated, checked and suitably qualified. In addition to our professional certifications the CIW also requires that Skybound staff members who work on our ‘Fully Managed’ programmes work towards or have completed the Level 3 Health and Social Care Diploma. 

This then leads to registration with Social Care Wales (SCW) ensuring that only those who have the knowledge and skill, and are qualified, can deliver the care and support required by the client. SCW also provides its members with a code of professional practice for social care and practice guidance. 

Range and Flexibility of Services  

Because Skybound Therapies staff who work on our Fully Managed programmes are working to be fully competent in both social care and behaviour analysis, we can offer a wider range of services. This provides a rare advantage to our clients. Merging both fields ensures that all aspects of social and personal care are managed. 

It also enables us to deliver more bespoke educational provision. We can implement educational or behavioural programs which focus on minimising inappropriate behaviours, decreasing overall skills deficits and maximising the individual’s independence.   

We can also provide services in the home without the parents having to be present.   

So, as you can see, our CIW registration is really important to us. It fits so well with our Vision, Mission and Values (more of that in a future blog post!) and provides peace of mind to our clients and families about our ABA services.  

You can find out more about our Fully Managed service here. 

Access and read the full report below.

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