Skybound’s New Behaviour Analyst Trainee Programme

Skybound’s New Behaviour Analyst Trainee Programme

The Emergence of UKBA(cert)

Behaviour Analysis Certification in the UK is in an exciting transition period currently. You may have heard of the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) credential for consultants in the field of Behaviour Analysis; we have 10 BCBA’s within Skybound currently. However, the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB), who are based in the United States, have moved away from providing this qualification for Behaviour Analysts overseas. We now have a UKBA(cert) credential here in the UK, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA). At Skybound we have developed a Behaviour Analyst Trainee programme to work alongside these standards.

The Path to Becoming a UKBA(cert)

In order for somebody to become a UKBA(cert) there are several stages to complete. This consists of:

  1. Completing a Master’s level qualification in Behaviour Analysis
  2. Completing the UKBA (cert) supervision and competence standards
  3. Passing an exam to demonstrate knowledge of the science

There are a few different options available for those living in the UK to complete their Master’s, including Bangor University, Queen’s University Belfast, the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent and the University of South Wales. To pass their competencies, the prospective behaviour analyst would then work under the guidance and supervision of a BCBA/UKBA (cert) in good standing, who has completed additional training in supervising others.

Skybound’s Commitment to Training

As part of the benefits of being employed at Skybound and working with our clients in a behaviour technician role, supervision opportunities are offered to all those who are working towards their BCBA or UKBA qualification. We currently have 15 ‘Skybounders’ collecting their supervision hours. This is absolutely amazing! That’s 15 potential Skybound BCBAs/UKBAs changing lives and disseminating our wonderful science for years to come.

We refer to these inspiring individuals as our BATs – our Behaviour Analysts in Training – and have designed a structure within Skybound that includes different roles for our BATs.

Introducing BATCo: The Behaviour Analyst in Training Coordinator

As we nurture the potential future Behaviour Analysts, at Skybound, we take our responsibility to deliver quality supervision opportunities seriously. This commitment stems from our dedication to ensuring that our trainees acquire the essential competencies required by Behaviour Analysts on a daily basis in the field. To facilitate this, we have established the BATCo, also known as the Behaviour Analyst in Training Coordinator.

Anyone working towards their competencies within Skybound is a BAT working directly with their UKBA(cert) supervisor on programmes in different parts of the country. The BATCo will be overseeing and co-ordinating the supervision being provided. This will consist of 1 to 1 meetings with each trainee on a 6-monthly basis to discuss career progression, reviewing the evidence collected to sign off competencies, co-ordinating group meetings, and to be a point of contact to find the answers to questions regarding supervision.

Pathways to Experience: T-BAT, C-BAT, and IG-BAT

In order to formalise and tailor what we are offering within Skybound, there are 3 distinct pathways to gaining experience while a BAT. These are:

  1. T-BAT (Behaviour Technician Behaviour Analyst in Training)
    T-BATs work closely with regular clients, assuming the role of a technician as they accrue the necessary hours and competencies.
  2. C-BAT (Combination Behaviour Analyst in Training)
    C-BATs possess experience in delivering high quality therapy. They take on a versatile role, combining technician and supervisor responsibilities with clients. Additionally, C-BATs are given opportunities to provide services for various clients within our organisation, enhancing their ability to generalise skills across different contexts and sets of needs.
  3. IG-BAT (Increased Generalisation Behaviour Analyst in Training)
    An IG-BAT will have flexibility to travel and support a wide range of clients across our organisation. They collaborate with multiple Behaviour Analysts for diverse learning opportunities. IG-BATs may also hold regular supervisor roles and will be asked to provide services for other clients as needed.

These distinct pathways offer trainees the flexibility to chart their own course toward becoming an accomplished Behaviour Analyst. If you are on the journey to acquiring qualifications in the field of Behaviour Analysis, whether you are in the process of completing your Master’s degree or just starting out on it, and if you are looking for more details about available roles within our company, we invite you to visit our recruitment section on our website by clicking here.

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