Empowering Lives Through Foster Care

Empowering Lives Through Foster Care

Foster care holds a special place in our hearts at Skybound Therapies, as it has played a significant role in shaping our story.  So, we were thrilled when Foster Wales invited us to participate in Foster Care Fortnight, an initiative celebrating the positive difference that local authority foster carers have made to children’s lives. This year’s theme of ‘fostering communities’ resonates deeply with us, as foster care not only changed our lives but also inspired the creation of our organisation.

Foster Wales, a national network of not-for-profit fostering services comprising 22 local authority teams, recognises the profound difference that foster carers make in children’s lives. Foster Care Fortnight™ (15th – 28th May), serves as a platform to celebrate these incredible individuals.

Our Journey

One sunny afternoon last week, we had the pleasure of being followed around the farm by a film crew, capturing our foster care story.  It was a heart-warming experience to see how far we’ve come, especially Dan, whose remarkable progress fills us with immense pride and joy.  It was a truly special moment for us, a testament to the progress we have made and the joy we now find in our journey.

For those unfamiliar with our story, Skybound Therapies began as a response to the challenges we faced.  When Dan joined our family at the age of 4 with autism and challenging behaviour, it marked the beginning of a life-changing journey for all of us.  The struggles and triumphs we experienced together led me to launch Skybound in 2012.

Supporting Foster Children and Carers

Today, as Skybound Therapies, we often have the privilege of working closely with local authorities and foster carers to provide support for both foster children and their carers.  Our mission is to empower and enhance the lives of these children, ensuring they have access to the resources and therapy they need to thrive, whether that be through teaching functional skills, carrying out Functional Behaviour Assessments or providing training for foster carers.

We understand the unique challenges faced by foster children and strive to offer tailored therapies and interventions to help them flourish.  Dan’s journey from the day he joined our family to where he is now serves as testament to the tremendous potential within every foster child.  It is an honour to be a part of Foster Care Fortnight and we remain committed to spreading awareness about foster care and its transformative potential.

Watch The Youtube Interview : English Version
Gwyliwch y Cyfweliad YouTube: Fersiwn Cymraeg
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